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Amateur guy fucked at a gay casting

This guy it’s not a stranger with the porn industry , he knows something about filming a movie. And we can se his little experience when he gets down on his knees and starts sucking and getting on top of the director screaming while the cock is fucking him.

Very shy guy at the gay casting

A nice blonde guy, verry very nervous is for his firts time in front of the camera and at the gay casting. Te director tries to help him relax with some questions and slowly touching his body when he gets naked but he also have to show why he got there.

Gay dude from Kansas

Direct from Kansas city, this guy whants to get into porn and have fun at the same time. So he first gets naked showing his slim body and some tattoes and then of course he has to show his blowing habilities to the director and if he is tight or not.

Blue eyed guy from Ohio getting fucked

Rob is a very nice blue eyed guy coming from Ohio to a gay casting to get fucked and make some extra cash. He likes tattoes and getting on his knees to suck cock. The only position that he likes taking it by the ass is in four legs as we can see on the video.

This gay guy loves sex

He has what ot takes to be in porn? I think he does because he loves sex and he is ready to fuck anytime when he has an oportunity. He is here at this porn casting and he is going to show us all how much he loves cock sucking and anal penetration.

Submissive gay teen at a porn casting

This guy at a gay casting is going to surprise the director because he came damn ready for the scene even if he stands a little shy. He came with a collar and a doggy tail. He wants to ware them while he is getting fucked. He likes to be submissive and he is going to be right in front of the camera.

He wants into the porn industry

From when he was a kid he was thinking to get into the porn industry because he thinks he is good at it. The time passed and now he is all grown up and ready for action, he is ready to show the world how much he enjoys fucking and sucking cock.

Blue eyed guy at a porn gay casting

Blue eyed amateur guy is ready to be filmed with a cock in his mouth and ass after the interview. He wants it and he is going to get it, after all that’s why he is there, to be fucked and show the world how god is at it .

Cute guy wants cock at a gay casting

Really nice teen guy who really has no shyness in front of the camera is getting ready for the first time in front of the camera to undress and try the cock of the director who is also anxious to try that tight asshole. Look at him jump on that cock, enjoying and feeling great about it.

Cute blue eyed boy at a porn casting

Brice is ready to start the porn interview and why not a nice scene of fucking to show the director what is capable of. He is skinny, a good sucker and the director seems to like his face when he sticks all his cock inside him and make him scream.